Another road to Schwarzschild

( Update 2019: The information that used to be in this post was somewhat outdated. Please see this post instead.)

Back in 2013 I wrote en essay I tried to get published, it is available here:
Newtonian Gravitation with Radially Varying Velocity-Dependent Mass

The whole idea behind the project was to use the Newtonian law of gravity but letting the mass vary implicitely with time and getting to something very similar to the Schwarzschild solution.

As of 2019 I am using this expression:

attempt acceleration anisotropic c

which is a tiny bit different from the expression I use in my old essay. Using this expression you can, by numerical integration get orbits such as this one:

orbit 16651 new expression 2019

For more orbits and explanations see this post.

(I have an older essay that I called ”Another road to Schwarzschild”)

4 svar till “Another road to Schwarzschild

  1. Carl Brannen

    I just got your mail and think this is a fascinating direction to pursue. The best way to discuss these things is in a venue where latex is allowed, so I’ve started a page here: To use it, you’ll have to join physics gre. If that’s objectionable, another possibility is to go to physics forums.

  2. You should discuss this on physics gre. Mr Brannen makes a good suggestion.

    • I will try. I just have to refresh myself on how to write tex-style equations. I have done some of that before but that was ten years ago…

    • I have registered but not gotten any activation email from physicsgre as of yet so I can not come with any input there at the moment.


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